Baby Goat Cavallino Patterned Skin

Brand : Derisay

Product Code OCB019

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We can produce this model in color and pattern.

Please contact us before orders.

This product is 100% genuine baby goat leather.

You can use both the furry side and the suede side of our leathers made of genuine leather. The quality and shine of the furs on the fured side are eye-catching. The suede side, on the other hand, draws attention with its very soft touch feeling.


Feature : Fur side use, pattern and printing can be done

Type : Baby Goat Printing Cavallino

Skin : Genuine 

fur Length : 3 mm - 5 mm

Piece Size : 2,50 Sq. Ft.- 4,50 Sq. Ft./ average : 3,50 Sq. Ft.

Brand: Derisay


Origin: Turkiye

Purpose of Usage : Textiles, Bags, Shoes

Baby Goat Cavallino Patterned Skin
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