Baby Goat Tuscany Double Faced Genuine Skin

Brand : Derisay

Product Code OT009

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We can produce this model in any color or pattern you want.

Before giving order please contact wtih us.

This product 100% genuine baby goat skin.

You can use both the furry side and the suede side of our leathers made of genuine leather.

Our Tuscany leathers, which we produce by carefully choosing, are of top quality.



Feature : Double-sided use (Suede and Fur)

Type : Baby Goat 

Skin : Genuine 

fur Length : 2CM - 4 CM / average 3 CM

Piece Size : 2,50 Sq. Ft.- 4,50 Sq. Ft./ average : 3,50 Sq. Ft.

Brand: Derisay

Origin: Türkiye

Purpose of Usage : Textiles, Bags, Shoes, Home Decorations and Accessories

Baby Goat Tuscany Double Faced Genuine Skin
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